Test 69 vehicles!
✨ Test your car, do cool stunts, hangout with other players or just roleplay.
This game is recommended to play on PC
Mobile Players can experience lag/crash in cliff map.
Shift - sprint / Hold Shift to slow down
50% Gravity - 8 On / 9 Off
R - Handbrake
Breakable cars:
P - Handbrake
H - Honk
Z - Left Indicator
X - Both Indicator
C - Right Indicator
Police cars only:
J - On/Off siren lights
R - Weil
T - Yelp

Type in chat :normal or :refresh if you are walking on ice

🎃 Alpha Version 0.7.2b
🚗 The game is inspired by beamg drive
🏗️ Map by GoldenScriptz
🧰 Cars are not made by me

tags:beamg beamgdrive,cars,suspension,vehicle,test,stunt,drag,offroad,drift,roleplay,crash,derby,ragdoll


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