Welcome to the dangerous, mysterious, strict and exciting world, full of adventures and battles! One Piece Final Chapter is a hardcore skill-based game for people who want to try themselves into the ocean of threat and adventure!

Patch number: 8.31
🔴 Warmode weapon grade glitch is now fixed. Trades were enabled too.

🔴 Current Devil Fruits: Flame, Dark, Light, Smoke, Sand, Chop, Kilo, Tremor, Wax, Flower Hand, Cage, Dice, Spike, Bison, Jackal, Eagle, Spinosaurus, Mammoth, Rubber, String[NEW]

🔴 44 Weapons with own ultimates
🔴 Missions, Treasure Hunting
🔴 Amazing Bosses
🔴 Customizable ships and characters

Dsc channel: SY5A22D
Arts by VSR

Official groups:!/about!/about

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