THIS GAME IS NOW IN BETA. We recently updated this game so there will be no more exploiters! However, there may be many bugs. We are currently aware of most bugs, including Death magic not working and Dark spears game pass not working. We are working to get these updated as quickly as possible. 

Try the sequel to this game here:

★ Follow @Elements_RBLX for access to the newest magics!

★ Join this group for a free 50% EXP boost (stacks up with gamepass):

Good at scripting? Interested in making magics for this game? Make an example magic and message mygame43 for details on how to get it added to this game! (Follow to send PM's). 

We are currently working on a Filtering Enabled enhanced remake of this game.

Double tap your WASD keys to do flips.

This is a game I made 2 years ago that I have decided to release.

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