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Welcome to Don't Press The Button 4! There is a button in the middle of nowhere, the button is in your power to use, will you go rogue and press it or will you follow the rules and not press the button?
What chaos can the button cause? 

🥇 (RECENT UPDATE!) [09/10]
- 🥇 Teamwork Contest.. The team with most survivors left wins the lava spinner contest!
- 🍭 Lucky Plate.. Avoid standing on the glowing chocolate pieces before they sink!
- 🔥 1 New Gear!

🧟 (PREVIOUS UPDATE!) [08/07]
- 🧟 Farm Infection.. Stay in a hiding spot until time is up and avoid getting infected..
- 🔫 Lasergun FFA.. Eliminate the other players to win the free for all match!
- 🔥 1 New Gear!

✉️ We always update the game frequently, make sure to check often so you don't miss something.


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