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Welcome to Don't Press The Button 4! There is a button in the middle of nowhere, the button is in your power to use, will you go rogue and press it or will you follow the rules and not press the button?
What chaos can the button cause? 

🏭 (RECENT UPDATE!) [07/24]
- 🏭 Conveyor Belt.. Maintain the same speed while dodging objects!
- ⏰ Four Colours.. Quickly stand on the correct colour platform chosen!
- 🔥 Treadmill Switch.. Be prepared to run the opposite direction at anytime!

🏝️ (PREVIOUS UPDATE!) [07/07]
- 🏝️ Mysterious Cave.. Enter the mysterious beach cave at your own risk..
- 🧪 Rotating Cube.. Avoid falling into acid by staying on the cube!  
- 🧊 Ice Golem.. Take cover from the shields to survive the freezing mist!

✉️ We always update the game frequently, make sure to check often so you don't miss something.


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