> Game is in BETA stage, there will be bugs and do cause problems at times. Help by reporting bugs in our communications server located in our ROBLOX Group.

Welcome to Gotham City where the streets are corrupted, filled with terror and destruction and nobody to protect the people from the terrors that lay in this city, many things need justification.
Join the Police Department, striving to bring justice to Gotham
Join the Underworld, rebel against the police and become what gives Gotham a bad name.
Who are we to say who you can be, Gotham always needed a Knight in Shadow armor.

Programmed by: Bruceywayne, Clydzz
Built by: TecTonicPleb, FrancisBotha, Jasonwisi
Animated by: GuigoxBR012, rryanxd 
GFX by: Phisicx, Purpluxe

Game tags:
Batman, DC, Gotham, Gotham City


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