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Whoop Whoop! 🤡

This is an unfinished (soon to be updated) project. Please favorite and like this, so you can get an alert when my updates, listed below are live. This is unfinished because Roblox stole my money when I tried to to legally add ICP music. 

Shaggy gave us permission to use it on his Pal cast, but roblox doesn't care.

Regardless, I need to finish this so I can sleep at night.


- Coming straight off the "Bury the Hatchet Tour", we'll have special guest performances

- Suppliment music with youtube playlist
- "Rise of the Echo Side"   
- New Carnival Features

- Additional Arcade Games 
- Free Merch Both ( Don't look stale! ) 
- JCW Action

- General Fixes 

- We're firing the ferris wheel carnie... he doesn't know how to use it. 

See you in pit - MMFWCL!

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