Welcome to square piece. In this world all the fruits save.

Any form of cheats is bannable; There is a built-in anti-cheat. You can also provide video evidence to get someone banned. Auto clicking and macros are now allowed.

Stat Cap: 1000
Shutdown = Update

Fruit Spawn Time | Despawn Time: 2 Hour(s) : 2 Hour(s)
Chest Spawn Time | Despawn Time: 10 Second(s) : 480 Second(s)
Chest Fruit Chance: 0.5%
Fruits: Fire, Magma, Invisible, Chop, Ice, Giraffe, Light, Barrier, Lightning, Operation, Phoenix

Scripters: Mystifine, Intallium, Rex
Builders: Mystifine, Intallium, AnimeDevotee, MArwadE3, kidwin666
UI Designers: Mystifine, Intallium, Rex
Meshers: MatiasGamer002
Animator: Mystifine
Other: 23T0X1N ~ Luffy Render

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