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Note - the free version is just the ranked scenarios where you benchmark your skills and receive a rank.

Want to improve your aim in every game you play? Compete with others to see your aiming skill? This is the place to do so. This game will help you improve in games such as Phantom Forces, Strucid, Arsenal, Counter-Blox, etc. Aimstars contains human-like AI and many other useful gamemodes to improve every aspect of your aim. Inspired by games such as Kovaaks, Aim Lab, etc.

Press 'P' to end the timer.
Press 'R' to restart the scenario.
Press 'M' to go back to the menu.

Currently only 105 scenarios. Includes tracking, click-timing, flicking, and target switching.

Q - How do I find my sensitivity from other games?
A - There's an in-game converter.
Q - What scenarios should I play to get better at a specific game?
A - There are game-specific routines in the menu.

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