📜Short Update Log [Recent]
- Added New Fightsabre spec
- Added Reaper Reskin for Halloween
- Reworked Skilled Anubis its now called PHANTOM BLADE
- Added a Secret Stand you have to find its item it also doesn't deal any damage its a fun stand made for fun only
- ADDED A GUN SPEC [For Fun] Cost 5Million in the shop 

The game still in heavy development A lot more is coming.
 trade cmds :
!trade plrname
!giveitem plrname
!itemtrade plrname
!pay plrname
!check plrname

🔮A Universal Time is a game based on several fandoms bent together including Jojo Bizarre Adventures. It is a Universal Adventure you happen to appear in. What type of universal stuff will you experience? Maybe a New Challenger has appeared? The Game has a lot of stuff in it which could be sometimes hard to get, It's your choice if you want to get it!

Most likely Shutdowns = Update

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