NOTICE: Game-breaking bugs and glitches could occur. This game is not finished. Content rates and values will change over time. Please do not dislike or call my game bad because of this. Instead report it to me!

Welcome to Blox Worlds. Blox Worlds is a world where you can do whatever you want. Dig up the land? Done. Build a city? Done. Fall off the world? Uhhh. Done?? Fight off hordes of zombies and collect treasure and life crystals? Done! Survive the dangers of the night in survival mode, or let your imagination flow in creative mode! So why don't you stop by? We'll be here when you're ready.

Game automatically starts in survival mode. go to 'Switch Modes' to switch modes. Creative Mode is updated after survival mode gets updated.

Here's the development log for this major update, had to post it on dev forum:

Blox Worlds
Version: v.0.61.3
Creative Mode: v.0.46.2
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