UPDATE 2019/1/22:
-fixed weapons bugging out & not aiming right

UPDATE 2019/1/1:
-fixed chat cutting off messages

UPDATE 2018/12/25:
-fixed some glass not breaking
-fixed character movement by removing stances (sorry, i will try to add them back in later)
-fixed mercenary spawn items not dropping

Nightfall is not being worked on any more. it will, however, stay public for all to play. I am currently working on another survival similar to Nightfall.

[Public Prototype] previously Project Neptune, this is an open world survival game taking inspiration from ignobe, Arma 3, & Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
Q and E while prone to roll.

Special Thanks:
-Yellowtide (scripting help)
-LizardScript (thumbnail)
-Immersor (popper camera)
-labma (inventory icons)

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