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Welcome to Palm Ridge, the ultimate open world experience! Roleplay at various jobs, immerse yourself with realistic driving physics and an expansive map, or race your friends. There are always new people to meet and new places to explore. The possibilities are endless!

Hotfix V0.1.13.1:
- Fixed issue where resetting would break cars
- Fixed issue causing all Lambos to be broken
- Removed map scene from loading screen due to incompatibility with the new rendering update

- Added Lotion Evijo 2020
- Added Toyuka Supreme 2002
- A new setting has been enabled which streams out unused areas of the map resulting in better FPS

- Added Nissayn GTS V35 2017
- Added Chevalet Coravelle Z06 2020
- Added Porscha 718 Croc 2021
- Added Muscane GT500

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