Welcome to Destructive Physics, a Simulation where you can use Weapons, Cars or the Force of your Body to destroy Buildings and Structures. Everything in the Game is simulated with Real-Time Physics, and Structures use unstable beams to hold everything together.
Shutdowns are updates!

WARNING: Game performance may depend on your Device, Internet connection and other! 

Update Log:

Developer Note: I did not copy 'Destruction Physics', the game that lately blew up and flamingo played. My games name is different, and my game came to the public before the other.  the mechanics of my game are different too. In my game theres physics while in 'Destruction Physics' Is not, theres a script that generates a hole into a part. (basically automatic unions) ALL OTHER GAMES NAMED DESTRUCTIVE PHYSICS, THAT HAVE STOLEN DESCRIPTION/PICTURES ARE UNOFFICIAL. THEY ARE COPIES MADE BY OTHERS WITH NO PERMISSION FROM ME.


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