This game gives you a badge count, and puts you into a badge leaderboard!

If you are caught exploiting for badges, you will be BANNED. Report exploiters by messaging me!

Disclaimer: The badge count is really slow I cannot control that. This game can sometimes crash, if your badge count is too low, it might be from the API.

This took 12+ hours of constant work. Like 👍 and favourite ⭐ to support the creator!


Update Log:
Update 2020-06-14: Badge Counter is now 5x faster!
Update 2020-05-31: Leaderboard can hold 900 more players!
Update 2020-05-30: New badges, Badge Counter is now draggable

My badge walk! (over 1000+ badges)

Join this group for 10 EXCLUSIVE BADGES!!

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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