Welcome to Kohls Admin House Adonis Edition! Build, battle, roleplay, dress up and much more, there are endless possibilities!

🌟 Receive admin INSTANTLY on joining!
💯 500+ commands!
⚙️ The prefix is ":" 
📝 Say ":cmds: to see a full list of commands!

 📈 Increase in level the more you play! Unlock these items as you level up:
➡️ Level 20: Veteran staff
➡️ Level 50: Bongos
➡️ Level 100: F3X Building Tools !
➡️ Level 200: Handless Segway
➡️ Level 350: Personal music player
➡️ Level 500: Boombox !

💎 Check out the shop for more admin commands and perks!
🌈 Buy a VIP server to play privately or with friends!

👍 Like, follow, favourite and message me with any suggestions!

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