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EPIC Games: Imported animations and models from FNBR
Valve: Imported animations from TF2 and Garry's Mod
Blizzard: Imported animations from Overwatch
Animators: Shapic2, PotatoIsaiahg, AnimatorSarnaft, FlameIsAnAnimator, SarventeDev, haybah, paintogen, and Jplay5x5
Builders: Bidinki, your_sussy
Scripters: PotatoIsaiahg, 4_ATJ
Inspiration: Emote Remote (Altiwyre and oatleaves), Emote Dances, EPIC Games, Animations: Mocap
Random rock (Cheeky): MUGEN

These ROBLOX dances are originally from this game! TTD is not a TTD2, TTD3, OR TTD4 'COPY'

Tags IGNORE: tok, ttdances, dances, emotes, tt emotes, dances, mocap, animations, dance emotes, ttd, tik, tf2, fnf, vibe

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