A simple cube puzzle game to see if you can solve a cube similar to a Rubik's cube, but on the screen instead of in your hands.

You can enable leaderboards by purchasing the gamepasses to cover the small cost of the external data service that drives the leaderboard feature. Or, just play for fun and post your best time/moves on social media.

You can change preferences such as rotation, whether or not to play animations, and whether to see the rear of the cube or not. These preferences determine which leaderboard your score ends up on.

Coming Soon:
- Ability to drag rows instead of click.
- Middle layer rotation.
- Support for mobile devices (phone + tablet).
- Autocomplete for demonstration purposes.
- Integrated simple solving instructions.

This is a random side project/demo made in a couple of days.

Developed by BanTech Systems
> BanTech - concept, UI, scripting.

Tags: rubix rubiks speedcube


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