- Get a FREE pet by joining the group!
- New egg at spawn for only $R59!
- Winter Chaos pet addition!

- Use Code "notephrem27" for Auto Sell Boost
- Use Code "winter2020" for 5 Coins Boost

- New updates coming soon!
- Bug fixes

💪Welcome to Slamming Simulator!💪
- 💪 Slam unique tools to gain strength
- ⚔️ Fight massive bosses for epic rewards!
- 💎 Collect Gems & Coins around the map to level up your pets and become rich!
- 🌟 Travel to different worlds and explore what awaits!
- 🐾 Collect & train unique pets found in each world!

🎁 Join Next-Gen Games to unlock the group rewards chest in-game!!/about

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