Search for colas, discover secrets, and experience unique events on a red pickup truck speeding down an endless road! What will you find?

This game is a complete remake of Train Trip Simulator (by me, ThatIsSuperFunny), which was inspired from Bus Simulator (by NobleReign).

Premium Benefits:
-Premium Cola
-Golden Name Tag in Chat

What's new?
-Patience Cola no longer obtainable, improvements to anti-cheat (not to stopping mostly harmless exploits like flying, rather to potentially game-ruining ones)
+Events will be decided with a much more intelligent algorithm, and as an apology for taking so long to make such a boring update, limited edition Patience Cola has been added.
+New "Cola Factory" event
+New "Parade" event to celebrate 1M visits. I'm a bit late. Sorry.
+New "Museum of Monetization" event & cola, added soft shutdown function (this means you won't get kicked when I update the game next time, but for now look for an updated server)

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