unanchor the towers to their demise 

2/21/2021: dont expect that many updates in the future, im currently focused on working on games like GAT (im a helper there) and stuff like that which no longer made me motivated to work on this, however its almost certain ill make other games which are like "JToH but ____"

a game where you can use building tools on jtoh rings and mess around like painting stuff, unanchoring stuff and more

btw dont abuse the building tools so much such as deleting everything or something (you can unanchor towers but not the whole map at once, just wanted to clarify that)

theres currently a bug where building tools doesnt work but just keep rejoining until it works

ALSO this game is intended to be rushed and kind of a joke so dont expect it to be that serious

thanks JaydenstormGM for making a video on this game!

have fun

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