✅ Changelogs ✅
- Check the Changelogs in the game for latest changes!
- Frequent balance & bug fix updates!

❗ Note ❗
If hacker joins / server lags entirely, please LEAVE immediately, then play in a PRIVATE SERVER until it is resolved.

📖 Trello 📖
- What is Trello? Trello is a website where this game's guide is posted!
- Current Trello: XhT77vWL

📱 Mobile Supported! 📱
- If mobile isn't visible, head to settings!

❗ Note: Account limit has been enabled! Your account must be at least 30 days old to play the game. ❗

Majority of the game's code are created by ADD Developers 😱 PROXDGAMER00 (Staticaliza (Founder)) and 😱 cjhatter. Most, or all  A Bizarre Day assets have been removed. The game code is being rewritten as we go.


There are currently no running experiences.