Fight your way to the chair at the center of the map!
Achieve the longest time sat to unlock new gear!

Teaming, exploiting, and bad behavior are not allowed.
We may take administrative action as a result.

Update 1.7.7 [8/18/20]
>Caverns added!

Update 1.7.0 [07/27/2020 @ 7:19 AM UTC]
> Update edit: Added new map "Bank" [07/28 @ 8:59 AM UTC]
> Added settings interface (bottom right corner of screen)
- Your settings will save and load when you exit and join
> Weapon balancing attempt (still testing)
> Minor glitches/bugs fixed regarding the custom toolbar

Update 1.6.9 [07/24/2020 @ 2:06 AM UTC]
> New maps: Ice and Skylands
> New lighting/camera effects (still needs some work)


Owner: Turismo_Fox
Admins: skorpion4096, V0NS3, RangerRangefinder, theothernoob
Developers: Thelolguy1337, Subaru_Outback, ArmoredPatrolHero
Modelers: Johann0007, Damasirith

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