may contain loud audio lol

welcome to afk simulator.
the most chaotic afk game with a bunch of strange people. 
vip servers are free if you prefer peace
experience dead memes
gain minutes by staying in game.
afk. or just explore. you can unlock stuff based on how much minutes u have. theres also mail delivery if u want. doesnt give anything tho. and yea thats all the heck
also u can wear random suits i made like a block slapped on u.
theres bug in this game. ill fix it overtime dont worry.
leave a like. or maybe not. idk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
say !sit to sit by the way

group members have a cool hat they can equip.

very big parts of the game were inspired by da amazing bunker simulator, delicious consumable simulator and afk and wait till its your magic number simulator. go check those game out


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