Wanpanman is a One Punch Man RPG, set in "City R" and surrounding area. Pick between any of the  5 classes and become a hero or villain and play around in the largest offered OPM map to date, with expansions and updates coming regularly!

Offered classes are:
Superhuman, Cyborg, Ninja, Esper and Martial Artist.

-=v0.2.0 Pre-Update Notes=-
Wanpanman! will be releasing into v0.2.0 soon! There will be many changes included, this is the rough breakdown:
+City Update - The city will have a complete makeover, and will become more detailed and expansive. 
+New HUD - I plan on recreating the HUD from scratch, to make it more visually appealing and functional.
+Addition of BMAC Admin Commands
-Removal of DataStores
-Removal of custom animations
-Removal of character creation

All removed items *will be returned in the future*! For now I will be creating these systems in other maps, and then porting them fully functional into Wanpanman! 

This game is Pre-Alpha, so please excuse

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