DUE TO BUTTON SIMULATOR COMMUNITY ACTUALLY DAMAGING QUALITY OF OUR GAMES, these games will close one by one until it is solved:
BSTI then Button Simualtor 3, 1, Reborn, Infinite and then Eternity Simulator.
Button Simulator Enpowered, X, Y, 2 and many more have a very high chance of closing, but not 100%.
Welcome to Button Simulator with no end.
There are 2,815 stats, more upcoming soon!
Over 570 million buttons!
The Big Number technology to enable infinite gameplay, with the 179.76 uncentillion limit that most simulators have being nonexistent!

Premium Benefits: +65 (80 soon)% Money (to be fair to non premium, but still something)

Credit to SamirDevs and me btw.

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