Welcome to SPACE SAILORS!🚀

🏆2021 Bloxy Nominee, an achievement to remember, forever!

This is a simple social/RP type game where you hop on a rocket, travel to space, visit the ISS, run an Artemis mission to the Moon, or go Earth-independent and land on Mars, fly a plane and also go skydiving at the Spaceport Resort!

NOTE: Some features will not work well for mobile so PC is highly recommended.

Recent: FLORIDA Early Access! 🚀
Last: The ISS Re-entry Update! 🛰️☄️

*Updates can be slow since I'm the one and only developer in this! Feel free to contribute! More info on the discussion server.

Formerly 3D Atmosphere Demo.

All methods of flight currently in the game:
- Rocket
- Plane
- Skydiving
- Stratospheric balloon

For the best experience, have your graphics at 9 or higher.


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