Welcome to SPACE SAILORS!🚀

🏆2021 Bloxy Nominee, an achievement to remember, forever!

This is a social/RP type game where you hop on a rocket, travel to space, visit the ISS, run an Artemis mission to the Moon, or go Earth-independent and land on Mars, fly a plane and also go skydiving at the Spaceport Resort!

NOTE: Planes are NOT mobile compatible.

Recent: Martian greenhouses and SEV docking capability!
Last: NEW VEHICLE: Space Exploration Vehicle! (Mars/Moon)

*Updates can be slow since I'm the one and only developer in this!

Formerly 3D Atmosphere Demo.

All methods of flight currently in the game:
- Rocket
- Plane
- Skydiving
- Stratospheric balloon

For the best experience, have your graphics at 9 or higher.


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