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🐳 Summer Event 👒
Get free Summer Coil (+20%Jump & +20% Speed) after completing 4 event towers!!  It is equal to 2 Gamepasses!!

🔥 Welcome to Our Obby! 🔥
Select your favorite! Islands <=> Towers <=> Droppers  (3 different Types)

This update includes the following:
- Free Coin during login (10 coins /min)
- Player's Trail at Shop (No Robux, It is Coin!)

Tips: Boost +20% & Gamepass +50% -> becomes +70%
When you turn off Boost in Setting, Remaining Time will not decrease.

Future Updates:
- More Biomes (Samrai Palace)

Donate Tower/Dropper/Island as a Creator
 - contact at Dis co below

🙋Report BUGS on Feedback button in Game.🐛 

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