Currently working on multiplayer. Huge thanks to xRahumx99 for the range map. 

Switch weapons: 1 and 2
Change weapon stance: Scroll wheel
Lean: Q and E
Walk: X
Crouch: C
Normal reload: R
Quick reload: Double tap R
Operate bolt: G
Cycle firemode: V
Night vision: N (if equipped)
Cycle optics: T
Toggle flashlight: Y
Cycle laser mode (IR/Vis): J
Toggle laser: H
Free-look: Alt+mouse

Features finished:

-FPS animation system
-IK animation system (for external characters)
-Modular weapon and item customization system. (UI needs to be redone)
-IR system (lasers,strobes visible under NV)
-Staged reload system (chains various animations depending on weapon state)
-Realistic ballistics (drop, barrel lengths affect exit velocity, tracers etc...)
-Realistic holo sights.
-Random attachments (Vis/IR lasers, flashlights, supressors, flash hiders)


There are currently no running experiences.