This game has been discontinued 

Welcome to Low Poly Tycoon. Check out our Roblox group to find more games like this and talk to our developers and members! 

-"NaranjoScenes": Owner of the group, Builder-Programmer
-"Vyida": Co-Owner of the group, builder/Modeler
-"AerialsBelow": Developer of the group, builder
-"Seoarro" Programmer
-"Larnesto": Clothing Designer
-"1mMac" GFX Artist

📋 Update Log  📋

-Game Release 
-Map update
-bug fixes
-Rebirth fix

βš™οΈ Upcoming Features
- Map update
- Bug Fixes
- More!

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ll sales, Game Passes, Shirts, Dev Products, etc. Goes to our group to help with ads, Developers, Giveaways.

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