pure carnage (Getting many lag complaints, I will work on this. For now bear lower max players.)

thumbs up = good duck forever
thumbs down = bad duck forever

We'll keep updating to test things, build experience. Post your suggestion in the group wall.

(to qwack = (computer > q) (console > dpad up) (mobile > small transparent qwack button)
to dive = (computer = E, console = L2, mobile = you have eyes)
to ascend = (computer = R, console = X, mobile = the button.)
to sit = (computer = LCTRL, console = LS3, mobile = lol)
to dash = (computer = F, console = Y, mobile = xdd)

here, play it now.

Update log:
- Removed Hallowe'en update. That's it.

- Introducing a dash mechanic.

- Quality of life change: added more teleporters around the map.

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