Embark on an epic journey where you get to decide what happens. Create your own tycoon from a huge variety of machines that drop ores, upgrade ores, process ores, or even make you super fast! Optimize your base in order to reincarnate, sacrificing all of your progress for a powerful item to help you with your next life. Fight for the top spot on the leaderboards for rewards, collect boxes for limited-time items, and deal with the devil himself... The possibilities are endless!

Welcome to Mechanical Ascension X, the official rewrite of Mechanical Ascension.

empulsion - Lead Programming, UI
auxinite - Building
Hoshiisan - Building
Lord_Piro and LordReaper0609 - Sound Design
Yep_x and im_jig - Graphic Design 

NOTE: This game is heavily inspired by Miner's Haven.

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