Embark on an epic journey… where YOU get to build your own tycoon industry in a haven!

Create your own tycoon! 

      From a huge variety of machines that excavate resources, refine them, and ship them off to sellers, you’ll never get bored from periodically upgrading your stuff as you get rich to get richer!
Not only are there an assortment of functional items, there are also decoration items which you can use to build your own dream base!

Work towards the ultimate goal…

When you have reached the pinnacle and you can’t go any farther, restart! Restart as a simple miner amongst miners with something- something POWERFUL to help you reach your original status… and maybe even reach something higher?

      Revamped and better than ever… to the X-treme!
Mechanical Ascension has been remade from the ground up to introduce to the player tons of fun! 

Go ahead and check it out! Start your journey now!

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