Inspired game

Hello this is not a copy of Cocoa or piggy but this game is made after Cocoa and piggy this is a fan based
game like and share the game to you're friends,
go and check out Cocoa and piggy, have fun. 
How to play:
Collect keys to open locks so you get tools that will get you the hammer,silver key and the wrench with these items you can open the door try not to get hit by Monkey, good luck 

Credit Alvin blox for the kit 
And credit to the owner of cocoa and piggy for inspiring me
also credit to (Owner of Ocean Daycare) for helping a  lot.

tags: B a k o n Granny Kitty coco cocoa piggy:, piggy, piggy, Monkey Monkey Monkey horror Monkey horror game piggy gummy scary Horror Mousey cocoa pigg Granny Sponge Sponge Kitty cocoa Horror Sponge Horror pandy mousy mousy piggy piggy 2 bakon piggy 1 mousey mouse rat ratty baldy teddy 

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