-Implemented crouching [LEFT CONTROL]
-UI spawner fixes
-Added 4 addons
-Admin can be now used in a private server with your friends!

LEFT CLICK- grab object
RIGHT CLICK - freeze object
C - move object further
X- move object closer
E- straighten object
R- rotate object

Garry's Mod is a sandbox game where you can do anything you want. You can make a base out of props, spawn enemies, spawn weapons and a whole lot more! All rights goes to Facepunch Studios.

Remake from my old version:

This version is pretty much a fixed version from my old game.
If you bought anything from the old game, it all transfers to this game as well! You can also play the classic maps and if you really want to, the old version will still be available (no updates for the old version though.)

Vehicles by SecondLogic
Gamepass/Badge icons by HappyDeppy
Plane by Crazyman32

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