Big Update! 🔥
(all skin works) free knife box✨
Every Chroma works (no broke)🎉🎉

GROUP-!/about (join group for more code)
- 🌟Added New code in group (Frost seer) as a reward
- 🎉 Added 2 New hidden codes in lobby +1 In group
- 💎 Added 2 New Radio(Minty,Ornament)
- 🌈 New Prismatic Godly In Shop!
- ❄️ Added 2 New Limited Box (Gingerblade,Gingerluger)
- ☘️ Added New limited chroma(Chroma Gingerblade)
- 🌈 Added Chroma pack
- ⚡️Removed Eternal Pack
- 🐰 New Bunny pet!

Tags : mm2  mm2 sandbox  modded mm2  mm2 modded 
       knife simulator modded assassin mmz Murder

Credits :
52x74z  (model)
Micro (model&texture)
WIINGIIGH (Thumbnail)
Shivannsh (emotes)
DurpMM2  (model&texture)+lobby
MinecraftRealYT2 (model&texture)   
xXMasterLoloXx (model&texture)

Dear roblox team if you wish to take this game down please let me know.

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