It looks like the multiplayer update is going to be delayed, but we have got new devs and the update is on track for an release in a few weeks.

Play chapter 1 to find the secret chapter!

Find keys and tools to escape the house, and watch out for Razel!

Keep in mind that Razel is in Alpha, and is a massive work in progress. Mobile is pretty buggy but we are working to fix that. Big stuff coming soon so stay tuned!

C to crouch (Crouch for mobile coming soon) / Click/tap to pick up keys and tools / Space bar to jump

Update 7/2/2020: 
Update message added.

Darthstorm: Builder, writer, and programmer 2.
fliblox_YT: Programmer
biellgames39: Monster creator and scripter.
IC3As: Story Help

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