This is a re-upload of Finesse_Geo's original game, Compton, California that got deleted by ROBLOX. All credit goes to him for making the game, now we're just here to revive it.

Q. What if someone RKs you?
A. You have the option to tell an admin, or grab a strap and spray them back

Q. What do I do if an admin AAs, or Admin Abuses?
A. Follow Finesse_Antrez, and send him a message stating the name of that admin.

Q. How do I get Admin?
A. You get admin of I know you well, you were a good admin in the last Compton, or you could buy it ( PM Finesse_Antrez )

Q. How do I get a gun?
A. Withdraw X ammount of money from an ATM/Bank, and buy one from either the illegal or legal gun stores.

Q. How do I get money?
A. Getting money can be quite tedious, so just ask someone for a donation, or ask me.

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