🐟Welcome to Fishing Legends!

April Fools! 😂
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❄️Use code "SNOW" for 1,000 FREE Gems!❄️

🎣Catch fish to sell for money, upgrade your fishing gear and buy boats to explore new and exciting islands. You can store rare finds, or you can sell them for extreme profit. Have fun!

[Latest Update]: ❄️WINTER UPDATE a2.3
❄️• Winter is here! Adventure the new wintery version of the map!
🏝️• Islands are now snow themed!
❄️• Snow! Storms now produce snow instead of rain!
🛥️• Major UI Improvements and a new Boat Shop!
🦆• New Duck Pet Holder item for your avatar!
🐟• New Fish! 16 New Fish to catch! New Frozen Fish!
• UI Changes
• Minor Map Changes
• Major Bug Fixes

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Earn 10 Gems and 250 Bills every five minutes while you're in the game!

Created by Duck Duck Games


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