Welcome to our new launch coaster called Accelerator, this coaster is maintained and operated by C.W Manufacturing and Amusements, our goal is to ensure you have a fun, exciting and safe fun in all our games. 

Our staff is trained to the highest standards and understand how to respond to certain situations. Please note this is a Medium Roleplay game so please try to roleplay. You are advised to follow Roblox rules, and show respect to others, administrators have permission to remove a person if they feel it is necessary as they can use discretion.

For more information please contact our management team on our group wall or communication server for 13> users.

*Disclaimer, this accelerator coaster was donated to us by another company C.W Manufacturing & Amusements has done major work on the coaster to make it more realistic.  Credit to Moon_SniperSK for the rollercoaster frame and train.

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This game does not support Private Servers.


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