Update Notes
REWARDS FOR LIKES! We will be awarding all players with the following rewards once each game “LIKES” milestone is achieved:

3k Likes = 250 Coins
4.0k Likes = 250 Coins
5.5k Likes = Exclusive Housing Item
7.5k Likes = 250 Coins
10k Likes = Exclusive 10k Likes Pet

GAME SHARING! You now have the ability to share the game link with your friends.

Welcome to Ryan’s World – the virtual theme park for everything Ryan and the Vtubers. We were so excited to launch, that you may find a few things missing or changing as we make improvements and get your feedback. Have fun exploring, you never know what you might find!

For a limited time during our beta launch, Ryan's World is featuring exclusive Spy gear in the gadget shop as well as special launch items. 

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