Game Comparability
PC: 100%
XBOX: 60%
Mobile: None

Turn on/off Engine: "F"
Barrel Roll Left: "Q" (Barrel Rolls deflect any blasts created by pvp/mobs!)
Barrel Roll Right: "E"
Boost: "Left Shift"
Exit Ship: "X"
Blasters: "Left Click"
Ship's Spec: Hold down Left Click to charge blast!
Ship Light: "1"
Ship Shield: "2"

Turn on/off Engine: "X"
Barrel Roll Left: "L1"
Barrel Roll Right: "R1"
Boost: "L2"
Exit Ship: "Y"
Blasters: "R2"
Ship's Spec: Hold down R2 to charge blast!
Ship Light: "D-Pad Up"
Ship Shield: "D-Pad Left"

(Game Play Rewards)
Boost Regeneration: If your ship engine is off you can regenerate some boost by first, let go of shift and stop boosting, then jump in the air, then once you're about to hit the ground barrel roll and boost as you're barrel rolling. Doing this will regenerate half of your boost bar if done at the right time!

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This game does not support Private Servers.


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