Its October, and last month we hit 100k! Thank y'all so much for the support on the game!

We are now shooting for the stars and getting ready for 200k!
At 150k visits there will be another big update!

Roleplay, drive, and experience a small town atmosphere with a good selection of cars to choose from!

+ Farm Revamp
+ Shop Center Revamp
+ Showroom Updated
+ Added Tesla Simi
+ New Ui
+ Map Improvements
+ New Player Display 
{} Fixed Bugs

⚠ This game was intended to be played on Pc,Xbox, And Tablets. This game may not work on Mobile.
⚠ By playing, you agree that the game is incomplete and some core mechanics and shop listings are subject to change.
⚠ If you experience issues, see our social media links below and report the issue there.

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