Welcome to Skyblox! This is an early beta version of the game.

🌲 Build your own island
👨‍🌾 Create huge farms
💸 Sell items to make money
🍳 Cook tasty delicacies
✨ Gather valuable resources
🔥 And more!

✨ Update Log (July 4):
Free VIP Servers!
We've made VIP servers free for all players. Your continued support of Skyblox has been incredible. As a thank you, we'll no longer be charging for VIP servers. 

- Day/night cycle
- Torches
- Trees now drop wood blocks (4 variants)
- Firework gamepass
- Bubble chat
- Sound effects when you chat
- Block hit particles
- Improved block hit sounds
- Lighting overhaul
- Updated tree models
- Small tweaks to a few block textures
- Fix tree rotation not saving
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

🛑 WARNING: Bugs may cause progress loss. Please report any issues.

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