Welcome to Skyblox! This is an early beta version of the game.

🌲 Build your own island
👨โ€🌾 Create huge farms
💸 Sell items to make money
🍳 Cook tasty delicacies
โœจ Gather valuable resources
🔥 And more!

🌊 Update Log (July 11):
- Bamboo! Collect it on the slime island
- Bamboo blocks & dried bamboo
- Starfruit Crop
- Starfruit Cake
- Starfruit Totem
- Aquamarine Sword
- Aquamarine Rocks (found underwater)
- Aquamarine block & bricks
- Sea Lantern
- Coral & Sea Grass blocks
- Input/Output Automated Chest
- Iron door that only build-access players can use
- Hold F to harvest crops
- Improved wood plank textures
- Fixed an issue that caused players to lose their item-in-hand when falling into void
- Slime island no longer requires a key to enter

🛑 WARNING: Bugs may cause progress loss. Please report any issues.

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