Welcome to Islands!

🌲 Build your own island
👩‍🌾 Create huge farms
💸 Sell items to make money
👨‍🍳 Cook tasty delicacies
✨ Forage valuable items
🔥 And more!

🌎 Update Log (August 2):
Browse big worlds!
We've built a new system that lets you publish to everyone playing the game. Use the new world browse menu to visit big worlds. Published worlds can hold up to 50 players (which we plan on increasing later).

We've introduced the new Jukebox item. This block lets you play music with friends. We'll be adding new music disks found in the wilderness in future updates. 

New Tree
A new tree sapling is available from the merchants. This includes new planks, stairs, slabs and fences. 

- Added a /kick command for private server owners
- New crop planting sounds
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

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