Welcome to the Island of Berk. Explore and make friends, bond with dragons and put a stop to trappers plans! 
This game is for heavy PC's.

This game is currently in the early development stages, meaning not all dragons are in game as of yet. We are working hard to bring you updates as soon as possible and we appreciate your patience in the meantime!
Friendly reminder that this is a fan made game and we do not own any rights to the HTTYD franchise. All rights go to DreamWorks. 

I'd like to thank  all those at Dawn Studios who've helped me in making this game come to life. Many thanks also to all who play and support our game!

Dragon Controls: 
Double space - Fly
Z - Lay
T - Stand up from laying
R - Roar
C - Bite 
X- Drink 
Human controls: 
E - Ride dragon (for dragons with saddles)
Shift - Run
C - Hand out
X - lay
Z - Sit

Credits to breadstickmeme for the icon

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