Sorry if I don't update it frequently, I'm not too active nowadays (:
My first real game and/or project, I hope you enjoy it!

For frequently asked questions (and answers) please check the group (link below)

- A tycoon that takes approximately an hour to complete
- A large dungeon with powerful enemies and secret chests (broken currently)
- Four different difficulties of obby, all in which are unique and give a different amount of gold
- Three fun gamepasses which give swords and other perks
- A large map in which you're able to battle with foes

Join the Runescape Tycoon Fan Club for a free in-game rank!

 If you wish to contact me on roblox pm me after following me!

Icons, thumbnails, and building is done by me, and credits for ideas goes to SemisP2 and pokemonismyfavs

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