"Black Lives matter"

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A deputy out on his normal patrol stands on the sidewalk.  Hearing the hate from protesters as they shout "Kill cops!1"  "No peaces no justice1111!!"  He turns away.  Only to be pistol whipped.  He begs for mercy as he is on the ground with a gun at his face.  He asks "Please I have kids".  He shouts "Please oh lord have mercy." the man with the gun looks back at the protesters and fires killing him.  With that single round a father was lost.  A good man was killed.  A sheepdog was taken away from us.  A warrior was killed.  #BlackLivesMatter is NOT and never will be peaceful and they should be ashamed.  This is a all to real thing.  We must put  a end to it.  TRUMP 2016 MAGA
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