The game was opened in July of 2020 year. 

This is a simple Roleplaying game based off Undertale by TobyFox.

Game is at development stage. Expect major bugs and unfinished/broken features.
I'm not adding any AU morph until i get the main characters done.
Shutdown = New update or a bug fix.

Minor Update (12/20/2021)
-  Added name tags for people who bought donation in the group or the game. 
The commands are:
/e donator (2 robux gamepass)
/e supporter (group donation)
/e normalname (returns character name)
If you have the supporter rank in our group, you will receive the nametag for free!
MixVisione (me) - Programming.
AvesAvocado (Owner and Developer) - Building / Modeling.
coolgal7858 - Custom decals. 
evanbeven - Custom icons.
PTVislifePTVislove2 - Voice acting.
KellelAgain07 & DemonHunter4129 - Modeling.
Kieradaepicgamer, XxLonelySkiesxX- Testing.
fnacsonic - Game icon.
Chumbbles - Cover of the "sans." soundtrack.
Undertale belong to TobyFox.

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